Terms and Conditions

Selling Procedures.

Clients will receive 50% of the full sale price of the item sold with Et Pourquoi Pas?

Items will be sold online for a period of 2 months.

If you wish, after the end of the 2 months period to reduce the price of some of the items let me know and I shall be able to do that for you for a limited time.

Clients are advised to make note in their calendar to ensure they are aware of the end of the listing.

If you have decided that it is best to donate items to a Charity please advise me, so that we can make some notes on the invoice.

The payments when an item or items have been sold will be transferred from Fabrice Tuesta account to Client account.

At the end of the 2 month period any unsold items will be returned to you unless you decide for us to reduce the item price or price's. Once you notify us with your preferences a return date will be agreed between both parties.


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